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Welcome to the College for Adult Learning

All Diploma and Certificate IV courses offered by the College for Adult Learning are nationally accredited.

By enrolling in this program you have made an important career decision to develop your skills and knowledge.

This program will introduce you to an underpinning body of knowledge and a range of practical skills that you can immediately apply in your workplace or add to your skill set.

To make this easier, the program also contains a large number of tools and templates that will assist you to implement new knowledge and skills in a structured work ready mode.

Getting Started With Your Course page

We recommend getting familiar with the Getting Started With Your Course page. This page is filled with all the information you need to know to begin your course. You will also find important documents, policies and procedures relevant to your studies. We recommend bookmarking this page so you can refer back to it.

Your Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Before you start your course you will need to request your customised Learning Plan. Your Learning Plan is a detailed schedule that organises your learning over weeks and months according to the duration you have nominated to complete the course. Once you've requested this, you will receive your Individual Learning Plan via email from the Student Support team.

Course Duration

How long you take to complete the course is entirely up to you and how much time you can dedicate to your learning. Learning online gives you the flexibility to study when and where you choose so you can structure your Learning Plan and study schedule to suit your busy lifestyle.

Course Structure

Each unit of study comprises of several learning tutorials, templates, articles, examples and other resources. Throughout each unit and in each tutorial you may be required to complete specific learning tasks.

At the end of each unit of study, you will be asked to complete an assessment task.

Course Assessment

Assessment is by an evidence portfolio. This comprises the various tasks and activities you complete throughout the course as well as evidence collected on the job. If you are not currently in a suitable job role that would allow you to apply your learning, you should discuss the option of using a premade case study prior to the commencement of your studies.

Coaching Support

During your studies, you can schedule one-on-one calls with your Learning Coach for advice as well as access to a dedicated Student Support team.

The Student Support team will periodically check on your progress and provide tips and resources to help you in your learning journey. If you have a question or problem that you would like to discuss with your Learning Coach you can book in for a time that works for you using our Support Services & Contact a Coach page.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Skills recognition is a great way to cut down your study time. RPL requires evidence of the application of course concepts, generally satisfied through the production of policies and documents. If you have been working in senior management positions within your industry for a few years, you may be eligible for RPL. Schedule a call with your Learning Coach to discuss your eligibility through the Support Services & Contact a Coach page.