Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding Videos

These onboarding videos will give you a concise overview of how to get started with your studies.

Support and Accessibility

I want to speak with a Coach, but none of the times listed via 'Contact a Coach' fit with my schedule, what can I do?

The times listed on the site via 'Contact a Coach' are your coaches’ availability for calls that week. If the times shown do not fit with your schedule, select a time and date on the form where required but please use the ‘Comments’ section of the form to nominate your preferred days and times. You will then be matched with the first available coach that can assist you.

I requested a call via 'Contact a Coach' but have not heard back from CAL yet. What do I do?

'Contact a Coach' bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your requested call time and requests made during weekends are only eligible for bookings from Tuesday through Friday. This is to ensure we have enough time to schedule and confirm the booking with your coach. If you have requested a call within a 24-hour window, you will be contacted to confirm the date that your call has been booked for.

If you submitted an enquiry with more than 24 hours’ notice, please feel free to email CAL via [email protected] to confirm your request. Alternatively, you can call the office to confirm this.

I have sent a contact request but have not had a response yet. What should I do?

We endeavour to answer all questions as soon as possible, however, depending on your enquiry we may need more time. Please ensure you allow at least 2 business days for a response to your coaching enquiry.

During your wait, you should move onto the next activity question/task or tutorial.

I have requested to join the Facebook group for my course, but have not been given access yet. How do I gain access?

The Facebook groups are closed to ensure this space is only accessible by our students. Unless your Facebook name is exactly the same as your enrolled name, your request may not have been accepted if you couldn't be identified as a current student.

Please send a message via the Contact a Coach form, providing the name and email address connected to your Facebook account. You will then be sent an invite to your provided email address.

I don’t have a strong internet connection or am often traveling and unable to access the internet. How can I keep up with my studies?

Please contact the college via the 'Contact a Coach' form to advise us of your situation. You will then be sent a USB in the mail of tutorial videos for your course. This way you can watch the tutorials offline, reducing the amount of internet usage you require to complete your studies.

I need to take some time off study. What options do I have?

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of your study plans and you may need to take time away from studies or extend the amount of time you are taking to complete your course.

If you are looking for an extension of your course time, please complete 'Contact a Coach' form selecting the "Email response" option, and advise in the comments section that you are needing an extension. You will then be contacted by the Student Support Team to advise of the extension provided and your new Learning Plan structure.

If you are looking for a deferral of studies, please complete the form at Once received, your application will be responded to within 5 business days.

(NB - Deferral periods are available for 1 – 3 months’ duration and may only be accessed once during your enrolment unless extenuating circumstances apply)

Coursework and Assessments

How do I know what I need to submit for a unit?

Once you have logged in and selected the title of the unit you are currently studying, at the top of the page under the heading “Assessment Documents”, you can download the document titled “Assessment Task”. This document lists all tutorial activities required for each tutorial video and assessment task components for the selected unit.

I am having trouble passing my unit quiz. How can I know which areas I need to revise?

You can elect to receive a notification of which questions were not answered correctly for each quiz attempt.

Please use the 'Contact a Coach' form and select "Details of my quiz" as your topic. You will then be emailed with which questions to focus on in your revision for your next attempt.

I want to use my workplace in my assessments, how do I use the 'Approval for Third-Party Reporter' form for this?

If you're using your own workplace for your unit assessment task/s, we will need to verify the skills you demonstrate in your workplace (that cannot be demonstrated in your written task/s). This requires that your current, or most recent manager/supervisor, observes you in the workplace and provides written feedback.

The first step is to get your third-party reporter approved by completing and submitting the ‘Approval for Third-Party Reporter’ form. This provides your assessor with the information needed to approve the person you nominate as suitable to provide third-party testimony. You will need to submit your filled ‘Approval for Third-Party Reporter’ form to your coach/assessor via email ([email protected]) for them to process.

Once your nominated person has been approved, they will be required to complete the Third-party Evidence Collection Form for each unit you intend to use your workplace for. This form asks them to confirm (or not) the skills/tasks they have observed you perform in the workplace. You will submit this form along with your final assessment submission for each unit.

Where further evidence is required, your assessor may need to contact them. As a guide, it only takes around 5 minutes to complete the Approval for Third-Party Reporter form and a further 30 mins or so to complete each Third-party Evidence Collection Form.

If you are unable to provide a suitable person for this process, you are welcome to use the CAL Case Studies for your assessment tasks instead.

My current employment situation is not relevant or may not meet the requirements for the assessment task, what should I do?

Please use the 'Contact a Coach' form and select the option “Access the case study”. You will be contacted within 2 business days with an appropriate case study to use for your learning and assessments.

I will not be able to meet a submission date as listed on my learning plan, what should I do?

Please use the 'Contact a Coach' form on the site, selecting email response, and list in the comments section which unit you will be submitting outside the Learning Plan timeframes.

Please locate your Learning Plan and amend the dates to reflect these changes, ensuring you still have sufficient time to complete the unit.

Once amended, please send your updated learning plan to CAL Student Support at [email protected] to be saved with your student file.

I prefer to handwrite rather than type, am I allowed to submit handwritten work?

Due to inherent requirements for assessment documents to be of a professional operational standard, you are required to create typed documents for all assessment tasks.

However, provided your handwriting is legible, you can scan and upload your handwritten pages through the 'Submit Work' form for submission of notes, tutorial activities and your learning journal.


Which browser should I use to access the Student Portal?

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the course materials. The Chrome browser is available as a free and secure download from Google with up-to-date support for playing our videos and browsing the course material.

My login details are not working, what should I do?

We recommend that you copy and paste your username and password directly from the welcome email you have received. Please ensure there are no spaces before or after your username or password.

If you are still unable to gain access, please contact CAL Student Support via email: [email protected]

The video tutorials won't load, what should I do?

Make sure you have clicked on the tutorial link in the sidebar. This should prompt the Student Portal to load the corresponding video tutorial.

I've opened a video but it won't play, how can I make it work?

Try pressing play and pause a few times. This should refresh the video player and prompt the content to start playing.

The tutorial states to watch a YouTube video, but the link is not working or the video has been removed. What do I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes the YouTube videos we use to support your learning are moved or taken down by the owners. Whilst we do check these regularly, sometimes you may find the link has changed or the video has been removed.

Please complete the 'Contact a Coach' form, listing the issue in the comments section and move onto the next activity. You will be contacted with the correct video link or given an alternate instruction for this activity.

The tutorial video instructs me to download documents, but I can’t locate the files. What should I do?

Please contact the Student Support Team via the 'Contact a Coach' form to report the issue. Please include as many details as possible to ensure we are able to provide what you need and correct the error on site.