In order to get support from your peers, discuss course content, create career opportunities and build professional relationships, CAL has set up various Social Media Groups to connect with other students and alumni.

The LinkedIn Group
This group is a great opportunity for everyone to connect and build professional relationships. We encourage you to share information and ideas, ask career questions and gain advice from other CAL students, alumni, associates and industry professionals. Join the LinkedIn Networking Group →

Facebook Study Groups
In addition to the LinkedIn Networking Group, we also have private Facebook Study Groups available for students to connect with others in their course stream.

These Study Groups are a valuable resource for you to ask questions and discuss course content with other students who are working on the same modules and assessments.

Join the HR Study Group →

Join the Business, Administration and Leadership Management Study Group →

Join the Practice Management Study Group →

Join the Project Management, Construction and Quality Auditing Study Group →

Join the Logistics Study Group →

If you are studying a Double Diploma across two different course streams, we recommend that you join both groups to get the most out of the Study Groups.